Another appeal to the people of Ireland

Again I appeal to every born-again child of God and every true servant of God to support me in my coming trial, by your presence and prayers, regarding the issue of free speech, freedom of conscience and ‘lawful’ liberty.

It began with the Muslim issue when I protested (through my sermon) concerning the young Muslim woman who was pregnant and had been converted to Christianity. She was to receive 80 lashes and possibly martyrdom. Thankfully she and her husband are now living in the United States. This was not mentioned in any of the Nolan Shows.

I also appeal and challenge every Muslim who lives in this country. No-one is questioning your right to worship here and practice your religion. If I was living in many Muslim countries in the world, I would be forbidden to practice my religion and would probably be imprisoned or even put to death for doing so. Yet you, as a Muslim, have perfect liberty here. So I appeal to you, come with me and protest.

Once again I appeal to every child of God and every minister of God. If I am put in prison then, in a sense, you are also put in prison with me; for every sermon you preach and record will be examined and scrutinised!

So on 14, 15 and 16 December at the Laganside Courts come and protest. Are you content, like many other people, to sit on the fence or in your ‘comfort’ zone and compromise? Do you not realise the importance of this hour? Your faith is being questioned, curtailed and muzzled!

As children, we used to sing an old hymn in Sunday School –
“Stand up, stand up for Jesus
Ye soldiers of the Cross!”
It’s time to stand up and be counted!

May God bless you and your families in these difficult days.

See you (DV) at the Laganside Court Complex!