My Next court appearance

On 14, 15 and 16 December I am to appear at the Laganside Courts to answer to the Public Prosecution Service for my remarks regarding the doctrine of Islam. I have already been to Court (three times at the Public Prosecution’s order) only to be sent away as they were not prepared enough. They now want me to appear on 14-16 December.

The Public Prosecution Service, a year ago, accused me of a ‘hate’ crime, but the Police proved it was not. I have never hated anybody in my life and that includes Muslims.

I was given a so-called ‘informed’ warning but I refused it because what I said I believed and I believed it was right.

They came back, a year later, saying I had transgressed against the Communications Act as my sermon was heard all over the world via the Internet! By the way, they are still being heard all over the world!

The reason I preached the sermon was to bring to light and protest at the terrible injustice done to a young Muslim woman named Miriam Ibrahim who was converted to Christianity and for marrying a Christian man. Miriam Ibrahim was pregnant and was to receive eighty lashes and possibly martyrdom. Thankfully, after a long delay and imprisonment, she, her husband and family are now living in the United States.

This was my main reason for preaching that sermon. Surely a so-called ‘religious’ organisation (who brutally would do this to a young woman; mutilating thousands of women; and imprisoning, torturing, crucifying and beheading thousands of men) ought to be branded ‘satanic’!

The Lord Jesus Christ (who I serve) would never do this to anyone! He is the Saviour of the world and His death on the Cross of Calvary is sufficient to meet the needs of anyone who will put their trust in Him.

I humbly ask the Christians of this country to support me in my stand for the truth. Remember, the Lord Jesus said in John 14:6 – I am the Truth. Your visible presence at the Laganside Courts on the 14, 15 and 16 of December will be greatly appreciated and will also be a witness, throughout the United Kingdom, that there are men and women who refuse to be ‘gagged’ in standing for the gospel!

As I have said many times I refuse to be gagged and if necessary will go to prison; but be assured, when I come out I will start again and preach the truth of the gospel!

Your prayers are appreciated, but there is Someone very special praying for me and His Name is Jesus. He is my Great High Priest who stands for me and His blood-redeemed people in the Presence of God.

It is your visible presence I ask for at the Laganside Courts on 14, 15 and 16 December at 10.30 am.

Thank you for reading this and may God bless you and your families.

Remember – we are standing for freedom of speech; freedom of worship and freedom of expression!