Some thoughts for Dr Al-Wazzan, the leader of the Belfast Islamic Centre.

Dr Al-Wazzan said, “Mosul is the most peaceful city in the world and people can travel to the east or west of the city unharmed”.

If Mosul is the peaceful city you say it is I would pay the fare for you to take me there, if you could guarantee my safety, as I would like to distribute gospel tracts.

He also said, “The Metropolitan Tabernacle Belfast included many impressionable, uneducated people while many Muslims in this country are professional!” (Don’t forget, two Muslim doctors were accused of being involved in the bomb attempt at Glasgow Airport!) If that is so, why don’t these professional Muslims return to their own respective countries and practice their professionalism? There are literally millions of their fellow country men and women who are dying in great need.

Meanwhile the so-called ‘uneducated’ Metropolitan Tabernacle continues to reach hundreds of people, at home and abroad, from every walk of life and from every political and religious persuasion; including doctors, professors, lawyers, school-teachers, nurses, research experts, police, Roman Catholics and Muslims; who, over the years in this Church, have ministered to the community. Yet, at the same time, it prefers to be like the Lord Jesus where it is recorded of Him (in Mark’s gospel) – “the common people heard Him gladly!” The Lord Jesus Christ also said to John the Baptist, who was in prison – “The poor have the gospel preached to them!”

If I am sent to prison, maybe the ‘Evangelical Alliance in Northern Ireland’ would present me with chocolates – as they did to the Islamic Centre in Belfast?

As I close, I wish every ‘ordinary’ Muslim family my honest and sincere good wishes in this country of religious and political freedom!

I don’t hate anyone and I have never hated anyone in my life. I say to every Muslim in Northern Ireland, I don’t hate you, in fact, you are constantly remembered in my prayers!